Day 31 – Framework before work

Another challenge about planning better :)

One area that I know can save both time and lessen the stress: groceries shopping!!

In our household we didn't hav a car until our youngest daughter was about 17 (if I remember correctly). But we were able to borrow one to go shopping once a month. I made this list with the typical items that we normally used and went over what was need every month. Then, once a week, I would go over what was on sale for that week and make a dinnerplan thereafter.
It didn't take much time to do this and we never had to drag tired kids to the store each day.

When I was studying computer programming, it showed me how much you can save if you do the groundwork properly before you even start programming. It amazes me to see how much money programs costs today and when they break down, they are so poorly made from the start that it cost additional money and a lot of headache to try and fix it.

Oh, I miss that type of work ;-)


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