Day 13 – Chunk time

I've always been a prolemsolver, or at least trying to solve the And always the one with the ideas to get things started and to make sure things got rolling. I was also the one who did most of the tasks, because if people didn't do it I might as well do it myself. Yep, I was the bossy lady, but hey, I got things done … and fast ;-) The practical one with the sense of the details. So yes, I was multitasking BUT I always wrote things down on checklists AND I also used a calendar;-)

I agree that focusing on one thing at a time is better as you give it all your attention. We see it today how people need to be everwhere at once and many times leave poor impressions or results. For ex. I find it very frustrating asking for help in a computer group on social media. You get several quick responses with halfhearted substans and when you ask if they can elaborate on that, they never reply because they're already gone to the next thing that catches their eye. So I sit…

Day 12 - When less is more

We buy so much stuff – and for what? Does it make our lives better? Or as Pedram says ”Is it still serving you, or is it weighing you down?”

Most of us have bought items we just had to have, having problems as to were to place it when we got home, ended up putting it somewhere for later..... never to give it another thought.

My husband and I have the house up for sale, so we have alredy tossed away or given to secondhand stores, so much of our stuff and we far from finished.
A good way to prepare yourself, is to make 3 piles (or boxes). So you have ”Keeping” ”Not sure” ”Tossing”. You can add another for ”Garagesale” or something like that. The hardest pile is ”Not sure” because most of the time it will contain stuff that you are attached to emotionally. I still have a wooden chest with my dads stuff and he's been gone 10 years now. One of these days ….. It's a bit late to go over that one tonight, so I will do my underware /socks drawer

Be right back ;-)


Day 11 - Dream time

I've always had very vivid dreams and no problems remembering them when I woke up. Until about 18 months ago, where there was a shift in the energies. Nothing but negative things happend to us or around us after that, like being jinxed or something. But the weird thing is, I haven't remembered a dream since then either. A lot of cleaning up is going on I believe, but I miss the dreams sometimes.
Never payed much attention to what the dreams were about though, except for those 2 times where I woke up cause the smell of death was so strong. It wasn't that I was scared, just the smell that was so overwhelming I had a hard time breathing.

Pedram says to try and think back if it could relate to something that was going on in ones life at the same time, but I can't recall. He also suggest to write a dream journal along with a diary. Then it will be easier to see if it relates to something going on here and now, or if it can be ruled out as a present sign.

Sound like a plan …

Evaluation time 10/100

The first 10 gongs are done, so I thought a little evaluation was in order to pinpoint what I want to be working more deeply on when these 100 days are over.

A bit confusing start as I was a bit unsure of what the purpose was by doing a gong EVERY day. Too me that seemed more stressful and timeconsuming. But thanks to the feedback from the Facebook group, I could see how it would work.
The suggestion was to read a chapter each day and do the challenge / exercise or whatever. If it was something that I would feel like I would go more in depth with, I should make a note for a further extensive gong.

All in all the book is primarely for people who lead a busy life. I, however, isn't busy working anymore. I do wish though, that I had this book in my hands before I got sick from stress. But, I believe that there's a lesson to be learned in all that we do, so I got sick for a reason … I haven't found that reason yet. Unless it was time for my own journey to start :)

Some of the…

Day 10 - Time at your desk

If we try to track our every movement thrue the day in regarding of how much we sit and how much we move around, most of us will probably be surprised about the result. Because we sit when we drive, we sit when we eat etc. So add it all up and it will most likely be more than you actually thought.

Energywork interests me, but todays gong is rubbing me a bit the wrong way or I just read something into it that is triggering something in me.

”Sitting is considered the new smoking, and there are multiple studies that show how terrible it is for our health. In fact, a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology ties stagnent lifestyle with a greater risk of mortality in both men and women.”!!!

I don't like fearmongering statements like these, were studies has shown that this and that is bad for you etc. Studies and statistics are more and more beeing adjusted to serve a specific purpose, so I don't listen to much of that anymore. Use some common sense instead and start list…

Day 9 – Digesting thoughts

In todays gong, Pedram asks if you have an outlet for those thoughts that needs some extra time to be analysed or taken care of. Those thoughts that makes you a bit distant even when you are with others. Because it is those thoughts that stresses you if they are not handled.

When I finally got to see a psychiatrist to help with the stress, he gave me this great explanation of what state my head/mind was in. ”Imagine your mind is a computer harddrive and once it gets full it can no longer hold any more information. Normally you will have a filter that allows you to sit across the table and have a conversation while you don't pay attention to everybody else that might be close by. You don't have that filter right now. It's like one big hole where ALL information that surrounds you comes right at you and you can not focus.”

The reason why I wanted to tell that is to show how the mind can end up if you have too much unsorted thoughts that ends up stressing you instead.

But ho…

Day 8 – Workouts

This challenge I am going to skip because HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is not something that would benefit a body that's in a chronic stress mode. I can go with a good speed on my walks on days when I've had a good sleep etc. but not going for anything that will spike my pulse for a longer periode. Took me years to get it down! Lol

I do a small exercise program that the physiotherapist made for me and I do a little bit of Chi Gong. Never been a sportsperson, just a hard worker ;-)