Day 31 – Framework before work

Another challenge about planning better :)

One area that I know can save both time and lessen the stress: groceries shopping!!

In our household we didn't hav a car until our youngest daughter was about 17 (if I remember correctly). But we were able to borrow one to go shopping once a month. I made this list with the typical items that we normally used and went over what was need every month. Then, once a week, I would go over what was on sale for that week and make a dinnerplan thereafter.
It didn't take much time to do this and we never had to drag tired kids to the store each day.

When I was studying computer programming, it showed me how much you can save if you do the groundwork properly before you even start programming. It amazes me to see how much money programs costs today and when they break down, they are so poorly made from the start that it cost additional money and a lot of headache to try and fix it.

Oh, I miss that type of work ;-)

Evaluation time 30/100

It is interesting how much you suddenly start thinking about an issue when you are addressing each days challenge. I really enjoy every day and take it as a new area to look at, just for what it is.

When this is over I will have several 100 days gongs to work on. It's a fun way to commit to doing something that you've put aside for far too long.

Day 29 – Deathbed Wisdom

The excercise today is to imagine yourself in the future, lying on your deathbed. It is time to take a look at your life.
What are you grateful for, what brought you most joy.
What regerets do you have? Do you feel like you have waisted you life on some areas? Was it worth it? What made you take that path in life?
Sit with the emotions that comes up as you go over your life.
If your future self where speaking to you here and now, what advice would see give you? Write down what ever comes to mind. And remember to allow the feelings to flow along. Commit to your future self to making changes where they need to.

”This practice can be your guiding light for years to come. It'll help you stay on track and invest your time in the right people, activities, dreams, and possibilities.”

This is something that I will take some better time to do, so I have put it on my gong list :)

Day 30 – Gardening

Pedram once again uses the garden as an example, when he talks about using it as a tool to relax :)

You don't need a garden, place pots on the balcony or if you only have window space, great. The idea is to plant a seed and tend to it and watch it grow. Is the goal to bring out a flower to enjoy its beauty or is it going to be something you can eat? Both will recieve gratitude and even more so, because you have nurtered it from a seed :)

When I was sick, I found it very relaxing working in the garden. Sadly I had a very low periode for a couple of years and everything more or less was overtaken by weeds :/ We have cleaned up and removed almost every flowerbed. When we sell the house we want to live where we can have wild flowers and things can grow more freely. Having a garden that is too neat can also turn on you and suddenly become a duty and the whole idea of stress relief is gone. So don't go overboard, just start with something small :)

Day 28 – Time to catch your breath

Stay under your breath means not getting so far ahead of yourself that you need to stop for recovery.

Today is about looking at your life and be honest about how you've been running it. Pedram talks about getting out of breath when you do too much too fast and the need to stay focused to prevent this. Again, check the workload, delegate, rearrange etc. Remember to do the same in your private life as well.

Day 27 – Eternal time

”Your eternal self is the gem you've been looking for, and it is inside you. When you whittle away all the noise and pretending, you will find the real you. Take the time to reflect on this today and your relationship with time will never be the same. The eternal aspect of you is the real you.”

This need much more time to dig deeper into :)

Day 26 – When to go all out

I amazes me how many angles there is to look at how we spend our time. And today is about planning for those things that take more of your time and therefor more of your energy.

Once again we take a look at the calendar to see what is coming up of bigger things that need to be done. Try and see if there is anything scheduled on not so energetic times of the day and rearrange them if possible. Bigger things that needs attention will require that something else will need to be set aside for later. Delegate smaller things that can not wait, so you can keep your focus.

In the end it will get things done quicker so you can have time to relax too :)